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Insect and rodent screen comprising mesh cylinder, protected by perforated metal outer, with sleeve to slide over the end of a pipe and a worm drive clip to secure in place
End of Line Screen Clamp Fitting
Set of parts to provide insect screening for warning or overflow pipe, up to 23mm OD, comprising a tank connector, the screen holder and a dip pipe
Warning Pipe Kit
Insect screen in a moulded plastic body, supplied with moulded in BSP male threads and a lift-off inspection and cleaning cover
Inline Screen up to 2 inch
Insect and rodent screen fitted into a section of BS PVC pipe
Inline Screen 2½ inch and above
Insect and rodent screen in a stainless steel body, provided with BSP sockets at both ends
Inline Screen all stainless steel with BSP sockets
Insect and rodent screen in a stainless steel body, provided with bolted flanges at both ends
Inline Screen all stainless steel with flange
Cowl vent for small cisterns, comprising a holder for an insect screen, with a cowl over it to exclude dust and dirt, which pushes onto the end of a connector. The connector has an integral washer and cutting marks, to allow it to be reduced in length by 25mm or 50mm, and is supplied with two EPDM washers and a ¾ inch BSP nut
Cowl Vent ¾ inch BSP
Grey PVC vent with insect screen. 4 inch BSP threaded shaft, fitted with two PVC nuts, one with a conformable foam washer. Grey PVC cowl over screen.
Cowl Vent 4 inch BSP
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Welcome to Norscreen

About Us

Techron Equipment Ltd, trading as Norscreen, specialises in the supply of insect screens for stored water supplies, to comply with paragraph 16 of Schedule 2 of The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 [previously Water Byelaw 30(2)].

Norscreen supplies insect and rodent screens for a wide range of capacities, from ½ inch and ¾ inch BSP fittings for domestic supplies, up to fittings for 8 inch bore pipes, to suit industrial and commercial storage systems.

Product Sources

Apart from worm drive hose clips and some PVC pipes and fittings, all products are made by us or for us in England.

WRAS Approval

All fittings that come into contact with mains or potable water must comply with the appropriate British or International Standard. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) maintains a directory of products that have been tested for compliance and approved for use. The WRAS has agreed that any insect or rodent screen that only comes into contact with water running to waste does not require approval.